Mazatlecos bring joy, surprises, and hope with Todos Somos Chef


More than 30 restaurants and businesses participated, in addition to more than 30 volunteers they managed to have around 300 families have a merry Christmas

MAZATLÁN.- No one will go unnoticed on Christmas Eve, joy will reign and family coexistence will be pleasant to spend a pleasant night, why do we mention it? Here we tell you.

The We Are All Chef campaign, orchestrated by none other than Samantha Guzmán, known to all as Hey, I’m not a Chef, was a success and they managed to deliver more than 1,100 Christmas dinners in record time before midnight.

From early on, around 30 volunteers gathered to put on their shirts, hang up their aprons and start with the division and packaging of Christmas dinners, in which more than 30 shops and restaurants also participated, such as Nao Kitchen, La Hamburguería, Hector’s Bistro Panamá, Parador Español, Rico’s Café, Grupo Eleva and Grupo ARHE, among others.

Colonies such as invasion Jardines del Arroyo, San Antonio, Invasión Ferrocarril, and also the Center for the Execution of the Legal Consequences of Crime, known as the prison, received turkey, pasta, seafood, coffee, soft drinks, hamburgers and others, cheering up a little or a lot than some may suffer.

Once packed, they all left in a caravan and trucks were full of meals, in the trunk and the rear seats, even some loading on top of them and the seats in front, the mission: no family runs out of food … and it was achieved.

In the colonies, it was possible to see the faces of the families who received their dinner, the lines of the children, a dinner how are you was special and unique, perhaps, some did not even know turkey, only in the movies and today it was achieved.

Samantha Guzmán did not hesitate to document everything on social networks and in the end expressed gratitude for so many Mazatlan volunteers, because that is what she was trying to do, to unite people who have the gift of helping, asking for nothing in return.

“Today was incredible, I have no words to thank all the people who joined, all those involved from restaurateurs and volunteers. It was a very different organization from last year, there were more volunteers helping, “she said.

If you want to join the project as a volunteer, you can contact Samantha through the Instagram account “Hey no soy chef”


The Mazatlan Post