This Christmas Eve downtown Mazatlan will not be closed


The Mayor’s Office will reinforce the sanitary operations in the first square of the city and in restaurants, clubs, and nightclubs

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The operations for the Covid-19 will continue this weekend in Mazatlán, by supervising that the capacity within restaurants, clubs, and nightclubs is at a maximum of 75 percent and that the protocols are met reported Nayla Velarde Narváez.

With this, the senior officer ruled out that the city center will be closed on December 24, as has happened in previous years.

The municipal official confirmed that there will be 12 to 15 inspectors of the Mayor’s Office and Commerce working, mainly in the center of the city, Avenida Del Mar, Zona Dorada, and the Marina, aboard motorcycles, ATVs, and trucks.

“Gauges are still the same, 75 percent.”

Nayla, permission to extend sales hours or take merchandise to be sold through Aquiles Serdán, haven’t they asked you?

“No, we have not had new permits, they are all renewals and at the points where they already had their permit, that is where they are, we do not have new permits,” she said.

Velarde Narváez clarified that merchants who want to go out of their businesses to sell clothes or other merchandise, must have permission, for which he reiterated that this year the city center will not be closed on December 24, because there were no permits to make night sales.

The senior officer warned that any person or merchant who does not comply will be subject to a sanction.

She ruled out that there may be a dry law by the municipality and that alcohol sales hours continue until 02:00 in the morning for restaurants and at 04:00 in the morning for clubs, bars and nightclubs.


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