Mazatlan Roads and Transportation will have zero tolerance for excessive noise in vehicles


They will adjust the drivers to respect this operation that is here to stay and avoid inconvenience to third parties in residential sectors of the port

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- If you thought that in Mazatlán, this December 24 and 31, you could unleash and turn up at full volume to the sound of music, when boarding or riding in a rental transport unit in the port As it will not be like that, the “Anti-noise” operation, despite these December holidays, will have zero tolerance, warned Mario Rafael González Sánchez .

The delegate of Roads and Transportation of the State Government in Mazatlán affirmed that the instruction is clear for all drivers of pneumonia, charioteers and even taxi drivers, the volume of the devices must register a maximum of 90 decibels, vehicles that exceed this will be creditors to a sanction, depending on the offense.

“It is zero tolerance in noise, zero tolerance, why, because we cannot allow it, we can never lower our guard, this operation is here to stay I am requesting that from January I be granted at least 20 more inspectors, and another four more units to see if we can reach ten units and be able to follow up ”.

He said that the concessionaires of public rental transport in the port are aware of this, for which they also ask drivers to abide by this provision of the authority, otherwise, they will have to be subjected to a fine of 10,000 pesos for the operator who It is detected the first time, the second time they are suspended for 15 days in the unit and if it incurs three times, it loses the license.


The Mazatlan Post