Find out what’s coming to Mazatlán in 2022


Among the attractions are a wax museum, a banda plaza, and a mezcal route, says the Mayor

MAZATLÁN.- “Mazatlán, oh my Mazatlán! Pearl hidden among the charms of the water, of the blue sea”, is what Mike Laure would sing again if he knew what is coming to the destination in tourist attractions in 2022.  

If you thought that the alley in honor of the Beatles and the new Aquarium was the only thing, you are wrong, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres has already announced a series of places and new things that will be developed over the following year, thus achieving competition as a quality destination and raising the favoritism of tourism.  

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The Plaza de la Banda, the new Garibaldi square in the northwest?  

This project had already been announced, it will be on the slopes of Cerro del Crestón, right where the wastewater treatment plant is now, the idea, he said, is to withdraw it for the following year, estimating that it’s dismantling will not take them beyond January.

“It is likely that we will start next year, the Plaza de la Banda, because it is expensive, for large events. Right now what we have and that we urgently need to start with is the street that we promised and that we have the resource for, it is Calle Ancla; however, there is an issue with Jumapam to push the sewage and until it is completely dismantled we will be able to remove and indicate the street ”, he declared. 

Wax Museum  

Have you ever wondered what will happen to the current Mazatlán Aquarium? Benítez Torres explained that perhaps a part of this works to develop a Wax Museum, yes, like the one in Mexico City, only a little more regionalized, connecting Central Park and the new Aquarium, which they estimate will be inaugurated by the end the following year.  

“Yes there is a museum, they have already talked to me and it is very likely that it will be given a space in the Mazatlán Aquarium. In a short time because the Aquarium is already done and the other one is coming until the end of the coming year … Surely you will see regional figures, that is the commitment of the proposal, “he said.  

The Mezcal Route  

With the new name of the rural area of ​​Mazatlán as a mezcal producing place, the mayor seeks to take advantage of the area and thus achieve a route, similar to the Valle de Guadalupe with vineyards and wine, he even added that there are Yucatecan businessmen interested in investing en route and come to Mazatlán to develop their product.  

The mayor added that with this, Mazatlán will be at the top of tourism, even maintaining the ideal of continuing to fight with the Lodging Tax that corresponds to them and with this, help each other to help develop these projects.  

Miguel Torruco will come to unveil the Beatles monument  

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that the federal Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, will attend Mazatlán in January to unveil the Liverpool Alley and the Beatles monument, a proposal that initially arose from him.  

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And although there is no specific date, the mayor said that it was the secretary who personally called him to tell him.

“The Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, comes in January, he comes to unveil the plaque of the Corredor de Los Beatles, originally it was his proposal, but he proposed a monument and not a concept as it is today,” concluded the Mayor. 

In addition for 2022, up to 20 real estate developments are expected in Mazatlán

Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, president of AMPI, commented that next year will be one of opportunities for the real estate
sector such as 20 developments in Mazatlán

The AMPI leader said that next year a lot of inventory will come, along Avenida del Mar there will be new developments, especially towers, which will give an elegant view of the city.

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Vertical towers and horizontal houses is the constructions that are made in the port.

A new area that will be a trigger for Mazatlán is the area around the new soccer stadium.

“There is a lot of development by the new stadium, that is why the infrastructure is very important, it is what we needed, housing projects,” said Roberto Carlos Arellano.

According to the president of AMPI, there are currently more than 128 developments in activity in Mazatlán, 90 developments are vertical housing, towers or condominiums, and 38 homes, subdivisions, and urbanized land developments.

Arellano Osorio estimates that 2022 will be a year of opportunities for the real estate sector.

Projects such as the USMCA corridor, the aerospace park, and the new seaport and industrial center logistic park, will bring a series of opportunities for the port, so it will be necessary to be on the lookout to realize them, since it will position them in one of the great prospects for the international market, according to Roberto Arellano Osorio.


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