84 bathers have been saved from drowning in Mazatlan


Faced with this situation, surveillance operations will be intensified on the port’s beaches.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- This winter season, surveillance will be intensified on the beaches of Mazatlán, where 84 bathers have been rescued from drowning so far in 2021.

Gustavo Esperanza Bastidas, commander of the Aquatic Rescue Squad, said that this holiday season preventive measures will be reinforced to avoid these incidents.

“The recommendation is made to bathers to enter the sea with appropriate clothing, not to enter into drunkenness, not to introduce glass bottles to the beach area and when there is enough wind not to introduce inflatables,” he recommended.

He added that the first two recommendations are the ones that are followed the least, both by locals and tourists, when it comes to getting into the sea.

He also mentioned that it is extremely important to identify the color of the flag placed on the beach;

Avenida Del Mar, Insurgentes, Acuario, Cerritos, and Sands las Arenas are the areas where the red flag prevails all year round, this is due to the permanence of marine currents and/or because they are rocky areas.

Isla de la Piedra, Pueblo Bonito, Hotel Las Flores and Cerritos are sections with a high presence of manta rays, and Olas Altas of jellyfish.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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