They expect a 30% rebound in tours along the bay in Mazatlán


Catamaran operators are confident of reaching levels above 80% in the demand for their services next week.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the beginning of the winter vacation period, a rebound in the demand for tours along the bay of at least 30% is expected.

‪Prestadores of tourist services ensure that currently holds the 50% demand, but that could increase to 80%.

“It has been rebounding on weekends, which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from now on every day will be the same, right now we are at 40-50%, so we will be working at 80% “, said Roberto, a catamaran worker.

He commented that the fact that the temperatures have dropped favors visitors since it allows them to enjoy the sun without as much heat as in the summer, it is pleasant for both locals and tourists.

This weekend the flow of national tourists was quite high in the jetty area.

He hopes that the high influx of national and foreign tourism that is expected during this period will help them keep the boats with good occupation.

” We expect good demand to oxygenate the economy, especially when there were very strong effects with the third wave of Covid, ” he said.


The Mazatlan Post