The New Mazatlán Municipal Planning Committee what is it and will it make a difference?


MAZATLÁN.- The municipal, state, and federal governments began the integration of the Municipal Planning Committee, but what is it about?

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres explained that this committee, called Coplam, said that the flag is given for the construction of the Municipal Development Plan 2021-2024, which, according to the City Council page, expresses the vision of the government of the municipal administration for the fulfillment of the constitutional mandate conferred by the Mazatlan people.

¿En qué consistirá el COPLAM 2021-2024 en Mazatlán?

“If we improve things in this triennium, I am sure that we will leave a decent place for Mazatlecos, where we all live better,” he said.

According to the State Planning Law, Andrés Renteria Zermeño said, said that to carry out the government program, the committee must be installed.

“Through forums to which citizens are summoned, in an exercise of participatory democracy”


To do so, the help of all citizens and representatives will be needed. For this, a call will be launched from January 7 to 12, and modules will also be put out for them to participate. For example, it is expected that there will be one in the Tianguis of the Juárez neighborhood, another in the Tianguis of Lomas del Ébano, and in different shopping malls.

A Municipal Development Plan should seek the following:

  • Economic Development and Orderly Growth
  • Public Services and Sustainable Urban Development
  • Prevention, Order and Security
  • Modern and Efficient Administration

Under the following axes

  • Address the needs of citizens around social-sustainable well-being
  • Economic development
  • Democratic government promoting peace, security, ethics and efficiency
¿En qué consistirá el COPLAM 2021-2024 en Mazatlán?

Who is part of the Coplam?

Marco Antonio Sánchez Velazquez

Lorena Tamayo Alcaraz

Marcos Cisneros

Andrés Renteria Zermeño

Ricardo Velarde

Jorge Estavillo Kelly

Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez

Luis Gerardo Nunez

Roberto Lem González


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