Dengue increase in Sinaloa leads to 9 deaths


Sinaloa with 1,443 confirmed cases and 9 people died from dengue, reports the Ministry of Health.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Health, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, pointed out that in Sinaloa there are many cases of dengue and so far there are 1,443 confirmed cases and 9 deaths.

” We have three thousand eight hundred and fifty probable dengue fever, one thousand four hundred forty-three confirmed and 9 deceased people said Cuen Ojeda.

The Secretary of Health pointed out that most of those affected by dengue are in the capital of Sinaloa and there are more than 500 people.

“Salvador Alvarado, Badiraguato right now and in the corridor here in Costa Rica and Eldorado, we have had problems here in Culiacán, most of those affected by dengue, more than five hundred are here in the capital of Sinaloa,” he said.

Héctor Melesio Cuen pointed out that fumigation plays a fundamental role, but that the most important thing is prevention.

“The main thing is prevention and when we talk about prevention we are talking about discarding, we are talking about the larva not being born,” he said.

He mentioned that abatement plays a fundamental role in the control of larvae.

Cuen Ojeda, invited the population to discard and use mosquito nets.

“People must be entrusted to use mosquito nets in the houses as much as possible,” he said.


Non-severe dengue:

Fever and two or more of the following signs and symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, rash, muscle, headache, joint, and intraocular pain. In children under 5 years of age, the only sign to consider may be fever.

Dengue with warning signs:

Intense and continuous abdominal pain, or pain on palpation of the abdomen, persistent or incoercible vomiting, fluid accumulation, mucosal bleeding, lethargy or irritability, postural hypotension, progressive increase in hematocrit, progressive decrease in platelets, progressive decrease in hemoglobin. In the presence of an alarm sign identified at the first level, the patient should be immediately sent to the second level for care.

Severe Dengue:

Shock due to severe plasma extravasation evidenced by: tachycardia, cold extremities and capillary filling equal to or greater than three seconds; weak or undetectable pulse, convergent differential pressure ≤ 20 mm arterial hypotension in the late phase, accumulation of fluids leading to respiratory failure; severe bleeding, serious organ involvement such as major liver damage, kidney disease, central nervous system, heart or other organs.

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To finalize the health authorities in the different jurisdictions of Mazatlán, Guasave, Guamúchil, and Culiacán, they have already started with intense fumigations.


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