Well known Mazatlan builder denies there is corruption in the sector


* There is no 5% extortion fee, he says

Martín Sánchez Rejects Corruption in Construction

This year ends very well for the construction industry and for the economy and tourism of Mazatlán, despite a year and a half of pandemic; This year there were important works such as Gabriel Leyva avenue, Gutiérrez Nájera, but also social work in the neighborhoods such as drinking water, drainage and paving and which are achievements of the state and municipal administrations, said engineer Martín Sánchez Reynoso, of the Constructora Michel, who on the other hand rejects that there is corruption and that “percentages of builders are handled to benefit contractors.”

The renowned builder said that there are 70 developments in projects that are built horizontally, such as restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, and towers, within other infrastructure. We are in the Gross Domestic Product, he stressed.

Martín Sánchez pointed out that there are about one thousand 500 million pesos more for urban infrastructure works for vulnerable neighborhoods within the Urban Improvement Program of the federal government for the municipalities.

The member of the CMIC says that the pandemic hit all economic and productive sectors, but construction was maintained because we are a priority item and we had contracts from the state and municipal governments.

He denied that there is corruption in construction to obtain contracts or give a percentage to contractors or owners of a work. “That does not exist in the CMIC, we work in accordance with the laws and the law,” he concluded.

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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