Jumapam broke the pavement three months ago and did not return to replace the concrete


The ditch limits the mobility of the vehicles that pass through the Jacarandas subdivision

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Three months ago, Jumapam broke the pavement to repair a water and drainage leak on Ébanos street, between Framboyanes and Higueras in the Jacarandas subdivision and although the runoff of liquid stopped, since then a large ditch that covers almost half of the road.

Mr. Sergio Pérez, an affected neighbor, mentions that he has already reported on numerous occasions to the paramunicipal so that they can replace the concrete, however, they never give him a date.

He added that leaks are a constant problem in the subdivision since the entire street is already “patched” where they continually break to make repairs.

” There are several patches, very often here and there they occur, those problems, and that this street was made just like in 2003, 2004, ” he added.

The ditch is limiting the mobility of the vehicles that pass through there, since it is dual circulation, in addition to being very narrow.

” If someone from the government lived here they would have already fixed it, the city is neglected, rather the neighborhoods, because there in the tourist area not, as there are the tickets, ” he mentioned.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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