There are no permits for parties on public roads! Says Mazatlan Senior Official


* New Year’s Eve party is public, not private

* 3 events fined and 2 suspended

Given the arrival of the December holidays and that many people celebrate “posadas” in the streets and even close the streets, the Chief Officer, Nayla Velarde, warned the Mazatlan that there are no official permits to hold these parties and that, from the first to the December 15, three events have already been fined and two more have been suspended.

In the interview, the municipal official said that the event that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres will hold in Olas Altas for the end of the year is public, not private and there will be health protocols.

Regarding the eventual arrival of Omicrom, a variant of Covid, he said that protocols are extreme in clubs, bars, discos, and restaurants, mainly where they are meeting points for many people.

If any anomaly is detected, first a warning is issued, a warning and in the event of a repeat offense, a fine is raised; on the third offense, the business is closed.

Nayla Velarde said that meetings have already been held with the business owners and that they support the measures of the Mazatlan mayor.

She recognized that the inspectors of the Official Office will have to have more training to give better service to businesses.


The Mazatlan Post