Five tons of garbage collected on El Caimanero beaches


The mayor led a cleaning day carried out by the commune

Rosario, Sinaloa.- A total of five tons of garbage were collected in the El Caimanero beach area in a clean-up day carried out by unionized personnel from the Rosario City Council.

From glass bottles, plastic, disposable bags, cigarette butts, and other waste, they were collected on this day in which Mayor Claudia Valdez Aguilar participated.

The municipal president explained that the garbage that was collected is a reflection of the lack of culture that citizens have in keeping the beaches and other public spaces clean.

“Just as people come, have a good time, and eat food, that’s how they should take their garbage; we have to collaborate to have clean beaches.”

He also said that these days are carried out with the intention that the visitors who arrive in Rosario this holiday season do not get a bad image of Rosario.

To conclude, he reiterated that there should be no need to carry out these works if the citizens themselves or the beach visitors take the waste they produce with them.


The Mazatlan Post