Feel safe while visiting Mazatlan’s Central Park and enjoy its facilities


What better place to walk, exercise or kayak or pedal boat than this

MAZATLÁN.- The old City Forest, today Mazatlán Central Park, is open to the public and has a highly qualified security team to safeguard the integrity of its visitors, who come to the recreational area to walk, exercise, stroll in kayaks or pedal boats or just spend some time with the family. 

8 elements with experience in public safety and first aid participate in security, in addition to the fact that the facilities have medical service personnel. 

The staff is divided into three shifts during the day, and at peak times, five are in charge of guarding the area. 

The routes throughout the park are carried out on a skateboard, bicycle, and an all-terrain vehicle, the latter to be used for transfer if required. 

The lifeguard of the Central Park, Gustavo Flores Luna, pointed out that the staff is fully qualified to carry out the work, so he invited those who enjoy the activities in the water, to come without fear to this place and have the opportunity to rent kayaks or pedal boats, which water rescue personnel will always be on the lookout for your safety. 

“We have experience in this sense of security, many years they support us as public servants in the area of ​​public safety, in the lifeguard area we also have an eleven-year seniority in the beach area with many courses taken, both first aid and in swimming and rescue ”, he expressed.

Source: punto.mx

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