Riders beware! reports of excessive UBER charges in Sinaloa


“They are crossing the line” highlights users of the city of Los Mochis who returned to the truck due to the high charge of the private service platform 

Sinaloa.- “They are crossing the line, everything they promised that they would be cheaper and I don’t know what, they are passing it through the triumphal arch and they want to take all the Christmas bonus”, this is how Sinaloans expressed that they do not believe still the excess in the service charge of the Uber platform. 

María Antonieta, from the city of Los Mochis, indicated that the same trip in a journey of no more than 10 minutes that last month cost her 59 pesos, this Friday, December 19, it was quoted at 198 pesos. 

“The truth is an infamy, and I had to take the truck, listen, imagine almost 200 pesos, I am a frequent Uber customer but I already realized that at this time it will be impossible to take one, it is too expensive, with that I better buy food or I take the child to the movies, but Uber is a bit of a pain right now, the truth is, “he mentioned. 

He stressed that he was investigating the reason why the charge is exceeded in such an excessive way and indicates that the answer is “that there is a lot of traffic, and many requests for service and that is the reason. 

“If I believe you about the traffic, that’s why when I go out or at this time I prefer not to take out my car and better leave safely, before I did it by taxi, then the Uber arrived and I liked it, but the truth is, with this, it is better to return They give it to the truck for 10 pesos, no way with the pockets and battling with the people, but 200 pesos is an infamy, “he said. 

But not only in Sinaloa the platform has increased its costs this season, Sinaloans who have traveled to Mexico City for work or vacations, highlighted that the fees even exceed 500 pesos, and there or where they are made, since taxis cost the same cost, and they do not want to expose themselves to public service because either they do not know the routes or they fear for their safety. 

Did you take or will you take Uber today? Tell us how much the trip will cost you. 

The Mazatlan Post