Avoid the Posadas! COVID continues to cause infections and deaths in Sinaloa says Cuén Ojeda


Avoid holding posadas “Christmas parties” and attending crowded places where there is a risk of contracting the disease, the official recommended

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Health of the state government, Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda, asked the population not to relax in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic during the end of the year holidays, and to maintain preventive hygiene measures at the time to celebrate the posadas, to attend the malls, the fair and sporting events.

The official acknowledged that infections and deaths were going down in Sinaloa, but right now the number of infected and dead is stationary, which is required to be considered to a certain extent normal due to low temperatures and more mobility due to social gatherings. 

“The recommendation at this time is that regardless of whether they are thinking about the COVID-19 disease, or are already thinking about the new variant of Omicron, they are exactly the same prevention protocols that have to be carried out, both originate the disease of COVID-19, ”he said. 

Melesio Cuén Ojeda commented that the agency under his charge continues with the recommendations and sanitary measures established for the various productive sectors, and now the modality is to monitor germs in the air to detect COVID, it was already done at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, in some hospitals, in the bus station, shops, and it will be carried out in all places where there is a concentration of people, all of this, so that Sinaloa continues with a green traffic light. 

Finally, he recommended that people not go to crowded places and always wear the mask, and permanent handwashing.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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