Mazatlan issues stingray alert


A total of six people suffered bites from this marine species on the beaches of Mazatlán during the first weekend of December.

MAZATLÁN.- Last weekend a total of six people were stung by stingrays on the beaches of this municipality, reported Gustavo Guadalupe Espinoza Bastidas, commander of the Aquatic Squad.   

He clarified that these records of bites have not been serious, people have been treated at the site quickly and then they have been transferred to a hospital for better care.

Photos: Christian Bernal

“the attacks by stingrays were detected on the beaches of Isla de la Piedra and the beach in front of Del Mar Avenue, although these marine animals can be seen on the entire shoreline,” he said.   

Espinoza Bastidas gave some recommendations to bathers to be attentive to the flags that are placed on different beaches of the entity so that they do not enter the sea when the warning is issued.   

Finally, he stressed that the swell at the moment is calm, and it is estimated that it will continue like this throughout the month of December. 


The Mazatlan Post