‘We have water, dirty, but we have water’, says the Mazatlan Mayor


Councilor Martín Pérez recalled the famous “sock”, a method used during the administration of Jorge Abel López Sánchez

MAZATLAN. – “Fortunately we have water, dirty, but we have it and in a short time it will be fine”, was what Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said in light of the problems that have affected the port in recent months, about the turbidity of drinking water in the homes of the Mazatlecos.  

Quimico Benitez

Like hundreds of citizens, Benítez Torres commented that his house is not running clean water either. He explained that cloudy water is a problem that is not the fault of him or of JUMAPAM, much less of the workers, but of the meteorological phenomena “Pamela” and “Nora”.

“I don’t have a filter and I’m doing it like everyone else,” he said.  

Given the complaints that Mazatlecos have made on social networks that dirty water is causing infections in their eyes and skin, the mayor explained that it is likely that said physical damage is caused by that. 

“It is likely that yes, I have a bad stomach maybe that’s why,” he added.  

Buscan limpiar la turbiedad del agua potable en Mazatlán

Remember “the sock”?

Councilor Martín Pérez pointed out that the current situation reminds him of an episode in the administration of former municipal president Jorge Abel López Sánchez, where the population had to place a sock under the faucet so that it would come out clean.  

Llega el agua... pero muy sucia, a Mazatlán"

He reported that during that period a polymer was used to purify it, but he does not know if JUMAPAM is doing it

He also said that they will wait for the new general manager, Osbaldo López Angulo, to address the problem.

“The friend is entering, we are going to see if in the days that he said that the water would be solved it begins to come out clean again,” he said.  

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