5 cruise ships a week arriving in Mazatlan, but are they following covid protocols?


– Around 5 cruises per week will be arriving at the port.

– Previously covid controls have disappeared.

The month of December is one of the busiest in the arrival of tourist cruises to Mazatlán; And although the pandemic is still active, the health and safety protocols for visitors have already changed.

Approximately around 5 cruise ships per week in this month of December will be arriving at the port, and they will be visiting the city 24 times a month; something totally beneficial for Mazatlán in economic matters but risky in health matters.

Previously, as part of the sanitary security measures, one of the protocols for tourists arriving on cruise ships; It was to get off in groups of 20 people and go all over the city, of course following the essential measures such as: the use of a mask, anti-bacteria gel and a vaccination certificate or negative COVID test.

But these measures have changed and so far and due to the high demand for cruise ship arrivals in the city, it is not known what direction the new sanitary measures will take, and to have control of the pandemic by sea rather than by land.

All this taking into account the analysis of suspicious cases related to the new variant of COVID 19 “Ómicron” in Mexico.


The Mazatlan Post