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Mazatlán will have a new world-class industrial zone. Find out where

The MLC and the Aerospace Park will not only be two buildings that will mobilize the cargo that arrives at the port, but they will also mobilize in education, real estate, and job creation, keeping the eyes of the country well on them.

MAZATLAN. – When you think of Mazatlán, you think of the sun, the beach, beer and seafood, its boardwalk and the lighthouse, but, with the passage of time, the “Pearl of the Pacific” is positioning itself internationally in sectors that may not They were seen in the short term, we are talking about the industrial one. 

The port activity, logistics and mobility that is proposed for the port, will place it in the “top ten” for its two projects, which, to this day, are classified as the most important in this area, ambitious and cutting-edge. spear of transformation.  

Both are for the northern part of the municipality, in fact, they are very close to each other, but here we will tell you the details of its process and of everything it is bringing, not only for the industrial, but also for the educational, the real estate and even tourism.  

The Aerospace Park 

It is located at kilometer 9 of the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway. Construction began in December 2020 and it will be the only one in Mexico because its infrastructure has a private airfield that will allow aerospace companies to directly access the runway. 

The progress of this project is already beginning to be noticed in the flattening of the area, which, together, will achieve an investment of around 120 million pesos, contemplated for two phases, the first in 68.4 hectares and the second in 200 hectares.  

In its first phase, a business class hotel, a shopping plaza, a training center for young people, a bus station and a corporate center are planned. 

For the second phase, and according to the needs of the potential clients of the project, they consider the construction of an airstrip for different types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747. 

But that’s not all, the project is being carried out under an environmental and sustainable model, what does this mean? According to Jorge Estavillo Kelly, director of Planning and Urban Development of Mazatlán, it will have its own power generating plant, as well as one more in terms of solid waste.  

“Everything has to be sustainable, for example, the Aerospace Park is going to have its own power generating plant, they are going to have their own waste treatment plant, they are not going to generate any infrastructure load for Mazatlán,” he declared. 

With just this construction, more or less 80 companies will be welcomed and will generate around 8 thousand direct jobs, which, added to the indirect ones, could be reaching 25 thousand. It paints well, doesn’t it?  

The Mazatlán Logistic Center ( MLC ) 

This is the second industrial park that we told you about at the beginning. It is led by Grupo ARHE, it is located a little beyond the Aerospace Park, at kilometer 10.7, right there on the highway. It has a land dimension of 80 hectares, divided into 66 lots of 2,300 to 18,000 square meters.  

For the MLC there is talk of an investment of approximately 636 million pesos in the work, which also consists of the construction of an overpass where 150 million pesos will be invested, but around 3 will be invested in the generation of industrial buildings One billion pesos, generating just over 2 thousand 800 direct jobs, estimating that the project in its construction will be completed in March 2024.  

This new model of industrial park will be adapted and added to both the aerospace park and the T-MEC corridor, a project carried out by Caxxor Group and which will also be based in Mazatlán, with the intention of connecting Mexico and Canada, crossing the United States.  

Currently one of the leaders in parcel logistics in Mexico Package Express acquired a 33 thousand square meter lot in the MLC, a company characterized by being one of the pioneers and visionaries in the field. 

This logistics center promises to cover the current demand for industrial spaces, which already requires warehouses and warehouses of more than 2,500 square meters, representing great support for the increase in foreign trade activities due to the connectivity of Mazatlán to Mexico and the world. 


In education 

One of the things that worry in growing cities like Mazatlán, is the well-known “brain drain”, young recent graduates who leave their cities to improve their quality of life, take advantage of greater job offers, even abroad.  

Raúl Llera Martínez, commercial director of the Mazatlán International Center, said that these projects will represent a great opportunity for young students, especially for engineering students. 

In real estate  

The director of Planning and Urban Development, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, explained that with the opening of these two parks, more investors will be allowed to come, but, above all, the subdivisions that are already under construction for the area surrounding the “new industrial “They are taking the opportunity to sell the proximity to both parks as an anchor.  

“It paints very well, because it is not only what is going to be allowed to come in the industrial field, but everything that it brings with it, greater job creation and more investors are going to bet on Mazatlán, in towers, subdivisions, hotels and other things” , said. 

So now you know and get ready because nobody stops Mazatlán and it’s time to see it transformed.

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