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Big industries are in a port and that is why Mazatlan is on the world’s radar

The co-founder of the MZT Aerospace mentions that the integration of this and the MLC, with the correct infrastructure, will add more industrial parks and will facilitate the installation of the new port of the USMCA corridor

MAZATLAN. – The transformation of Mazatlán in industrial matters and all the projects that are already being developed, such as the MLC logistics park and the MZT Aerospace, are echoing in the world, especially in Asian and European countries, since their geolocation is at the point ideal of air, sea and land connectivity that few places have.  

The co-founder of MZT Aerospace and the Singular Aircraft project, Víctor García, mentioned that there are investors who do not place Mazatlan as an industrial zone, but as a tourist one, but without a doubt, with these projects and the adequate infrastructure, together with the USMCA, the detonation of the “Pearl of the Pacific” will improve the quality of life not only for Mazatlecos, but also for Sinaloans. 

“In Europe, you do not contemplate an industrial park that is not next to a port, the large industries are next to a port and Mazatlán has a highway to the north of the country, to the south, to Durango, this adds to the fact that other industrial projects be made, be added, like the MLC, a logistics and distribution park and that more be added, ”he declared.  

Together with the MLC, Víctor García explained that they are bringing something different to Sinaloa, they are betting on its growth, development, but, above all, the strategic point with the border with the United States and the northern economic corridor will attract more parks. industrial.  

“Mazatlán needs that, the industry provides wealth, better training, provides a better quality of life, that will help us so that tomorrow we have tourism with greater purchasing power, which can take care of the repair of private jets and it is It is more likely that this type of tourism will approach Mazatlan because of it,” he said.  

For this growth to work and for the area to detonate in the medium term, the co-founder of the aerospace park added that progress is between everyone, both the investors who are betting on Mazatlan and the authorities and citizens, because pushing all together and echoing what is being done, progress will be achieved much faster.  

“If we have created these two infrastructures, what we will do when this corridor is here, we will be prepared to receive them, and if they find a ready infrastructure, what you are going to find is that they are not going to think about building one because it is already there”, commented. 

Only the aerospace park, he added, will generate at least 9,000 direct jobs and some 27,000 indirect jobs, in 200 hectares of dispersion, with a private aerodrome, unique in the country.  

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