Sinaloa’s “Las Labradas” could be declared a World Heritage Site


The mayor of San Ignacio, stressed that with his support from the three more levels of government, a comprehensive project will be promoted to position this space in the taste of rural tourism

Mazatlán, Sin.- Las Labradas, San Ignacio, the only archaeological zone in Mexico located on the beach, has the potential to be declared a World Heritage Site, according to estimates by archaeologists and personnel from the National Archeology Coordination.

The director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Sinaloa, Servando Rojo Quintero, said that if they reached this name, Las Labradas would enter the major leagues to be at the level of the most interesting cultural and tourist sites in Mexico.

He indicated that in Sinaloa there are a large number of petroglyphs and vestiges of pre-Hispanic culture, but Las Labradas is the only one that has been declared a Zone of Historical Monuments, due to the almost 1,000 petroglyphs that are on the shore of the beach.

Proud of the petroglyphs made between the years 750 to 1250, the municipal president of San Ignacio, Octavio Bastidas Manjarrez, announced the promotion of a comprehensive project to position the site in the taste of rural tourism and attract more visitors for the collective well-being.

The tourists who visit Las Labradas could be the same ones who stay in Mazatlán, they could even stay more days in the port, since they would have the option of exploring nearby communities such as this archaeological zone, San Ignacio, Elota, Barras de Piaxtla, San Javier and Cabazán, added the mayor.

Bastidas Manjarrez stressed that Las Labradas have great potential to attract visitors throughout the year, not only on March 21 but there is still a need to improve signage, tourist infrastructure, and security for visitors.

“The government must be a facilitator for the progress of the peoples, so we made the effort to scrape the access road to this place,” he concluded.

Las Labradas celebrate 9 years as a Historical Monument

51 kilometers from Mazatlán, on the highway to Culiacán, entering the Protected Natural Area of ​​the Cacaxtla Plateau and crossing La Chicayota, there is the deviation to enter Las Labradas.

This place, declared a Historical Monument for 9 years, is the only one in Sinaloa with this assignment, after 20 years of the declaration of the plateau as a Protected Natural Area, achieving its conservation due to the flora, fauna and precisely because of these engraved stones.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

Servando Rojo Quintero, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, mentioned that there is a record of about a thousand engraved stones, which despite being thousands of years old, can still be preserved in the face of hurricanes and erosion.

“What has been worked on here in Las Labradas is the result of the research that is done. Next year will mark 10 years of this work and effort, highlighting and protecting this area of ​​Sinaloa ”, he declared.

Rojo Quintero indicated that throughout the state there are petroglyphs in rivers, estuaries and communities, but not in the beach area, making it unique, where each time a stone count is made, more appear, without explanation of their true origin.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

Historians, and even shamans, have speculated on the origin, some say they come from the first inhabitants, from prehistory, but others point out that they come from further afield, from another planet, aliens who marked the stones to identify the area, that is true or not, it’s something else.

The Mayor of San Ignacio, Octavio Bastidas Manjarrez, pointed out that everyone has to work together to promote a tourist corridor and that this archaeological zone not only be visited once a year to “recharge energy”, but that it functions as an attraction within the “Riviera Mazatlán”.

“The production of the area is a rough diamond, not in the sense of economic wealth, but culturally, that the promotion is constant, we are blessed with these petroglyphs, we have to project it to detonate it and relaunch it,” he said.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

Being among the engraved stones is to fill you with energy, say those who know, auguring good times in your work, love and economic life, cleaning yourself of the negative energy that you bring with you.

And although it cannot be exploited with infrastructure and machinery, the Mayor emphasized that if they will work on strengthening La Chicayota and along with that, have an option to shelter visitors, take advantage of the return of cruise ships to Mazatlán and offer them a place with an offer. cultural and gastronomic.



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