Urgent need for Oficial Mayor in Mazatlan says Association of Vacation Clubs


The president of this organization, Fernando Alanís, mentioned that being an activity regulated by the municipality, the procedures for timeshares are paralyzed

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For the three weeks that has paralyzed the functionality of the Administrative Office of the city of Mazatlan, the Association of Sinaloa Vacation Club spells start to feel the negative effects, said its president Fernando Alanis.  

Derived from the conflict that persists between the city councilors of the port with the mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, when they do not agree to appoint the heads of the Mayor’s Office, Treasury and Secretary of the City Council, the activity, which is regulated by the city council, is not has been able to operate and carry out the licensing procedures for timeshares.  

“At this moment many of the activities are paralyzed, as we cannot do the procedures that we need to do in the case of timeshares, since we need to manage the operating licenses of our sector, which we cannot do at this time.” 

He stated that beyond political commitments, interest in the city must be prioritized, especially since there are currently several paralyzed areas, generating affectation, such as the operation of this activity, and thus avoiding fraud in the sector, which was the origin of this regulation. 

For this reason, he added, that it is urgent that the problem between councilors and councilors with the municipal president be solved, and the mayor’s proposals to occupy those positions be analyzed, always putting the good of citizens first.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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