SEBIDES seeks to have more certified beaches in Sinaloa


Currently, there are 11 certified beaches in Sinaloa, 7 of these in Mazatlán

MAZATLÁN.- Sinaloa has a long coastline of beaches from end to end, from Ahome, in the north, to Escuinapa, in the south, each with its particular characteristics, some conservation and other recreational, that is why the Secretariat of Welfare and Sustainable Development, SEBIDES, will seek to certify more than the state already has.

Ruth Díaz Gurría, head of this agency, mentioned that there are currently 11 beaches certified under Regulation 120 of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, 7 in Mazatlán, in Elota, Navolato, Angostura and Guasave.

“The certifications of all the beaches are maintained and we continue working so that new beaches can be integrated and give them greater coverage, these are actions that we have to continue promoting so that more and more beaches are added every day, not only in Mazatlán,” he declared.

In Mazatlan, specifically, the certified beaches are Estrella de Mar, Luna Bonita, Verde Camacho, Gaviotas, Pinitos, Park Inn and Holiday Inn; in Elota is Ceuta; Las Águilas in Navolato; Costa Azul in Angostura and Las Glorias in Guasave.

Díaz Gurría explained that the continuity of these programs is fundamental within the secretariat, they have not stopped and it is a work of constant monitoring and inspection, both by the department’s team and on the part of the federal government.

What is the beach certification program?

According to the same page of the agency, it consists of safeguarding the health of citizens, improving the environmental quality of Sinaloan beaches and raising the levels of competitiveness of tourist destinations, by carrying out coordinated actions of the three levels of government and sectors. private, social and academic.

As benefits, improving the quality and competitiveness of the area, it is incorporated into the National Catalog of Clean Beaches and places the destination at the international forefront, also making it a leading state of certified beaches.

“These actions continue, we have worked with the team, they have not stopped, it is a monitoring and inspection work, the team has not stopped working, it is being attended to and will continue to be served,” he said.

The Beach Operator and Administrator announced that it is going for the certification of three platinum beaches and to keep the Verde Camacho beach for the following year, supervised by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification.


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