At the Mar de Cortés Forum, the Governor of Sinaloa Rubén Rocha Moya highlights foreign investment of 5 billion dollars


The state governor attended the Sea of ​​Cortés 2021 Forum, where investment possibilities were analyzed in the five states that border this coastline.

  • It states that one of the areas of opportunity is logistics, given its connection with Texas, United States

During his participation in the Mar de Cortés 2021 Forum, held in San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, the governor of Sinaloa Rubén Rocha Moya pointed out that Sinaloa offers excellent areas of opportunity for private investment, mainly in logistics, thanks to the connection it has with Texas, the United States, both by road and rail.

The Sinaloa president participated in this Forum together with his counterparts from Baja California Sur, Víctor Manuel Castro Cossío; from Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila; and from Nayarit, Ángel Navarro Quintero. It should be noted that the governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo Montaño apologized for not being present, as he was in turn host of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who held a working tour of Hermosillo this Friday.

Rocha Moya considered that the five states that make up this region have many themes in common, such as tourism, agriculture, fishing, and security, which may be detonated together to consolidate an economic corridor, with the purpose of encouraging private investment. “We are a corridor with many potentialities and we are going to be able to detonate them together, fortunately, we have many coincidences between the governor and the governors of this area,” said the Sinaloan president.

At the meeting, the state president said that Sinaloa currently has a foreign investment of 5 billion dollars, but that it can be increased by exploiting all areas of opportunity, and in this regard, he made mention of logistics for transportation, given its connection. with Texas, the United States, by rail through the Chepe, and by road with the Mazatlán-Durango highway, in addition to another alternative route that is currently being built and that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will inaugurate in 2023, such as the San highway. Ignacio-Tayoltita, Durango.

“I want to tell you about the areas of opportunity in Sinaloa, that we do have the issue of primary production, but also the areas of opportunity are in logistics, we already have a connection with Texas, by road and by train in the case of Chepe here in Los Mochis, and by road through Mazatlán. Another highway is being opened that the president will conclude no later than 2023, and it is also a connection with Texas, ”he explained.

He stressed that there is a project to create a new port near Mazatlán, which also has a continental rail connection, coming from Canada, passing through the west coast of the United States and ending in Sinaloa.

Sea of ​​Cortez Forum 2021 2

“That area of ​​investment opportunity is logistics, to be able to move merchandise and even connect with ports, because the ports of California are already very saturated; we are offering this way investment that we believe would greatly enhance the wealth of our state, “he said.

Rocha Moya referred to one of the major projects that were addressed in July during a previous meeting in Hermosillo between the five leaders, (then governors-elect), which is the tourism sector, which refers to the creation of a cruise ship corridor in the Sea of ​​Cortez, which would consist of 36 coastal municipalities and 12 protected natural areas, through three routes: the North, which will cover San Felipe, Loreto, San Carlos, Guaymas, Bahía Kino, Puerto Libertad, Puerto Peñasco; the South, in Guaymas, Mulegé, Los Cabos and Topolobampo; and a third with a tour of Mazatlán, San Blas and Islas Marías.

The five states that border the Sea of ​​Cortez contribute 10.5% of the national GDP, which is equivalent to 277.146 million dollars. The economic growth of this region exceeds the average of the entire country, in the last 15 years it was 3.2% per year; that is, 50% more than the national level.

For example , Sinaloa is the most important agricultural center in the country and its contribution to the country amounts to 2.2% of GDP.

Nayarit is the state in which the most shrimp is fished in the country; however, it is not the only industry in which it stands out, it is also an important producer of sugar and tobacco, which means that its participation in GDP is 0.7%. In the case of Baja California Sur, its main economic activity is tourism and complementary services, its contribution to GDP is 0.9%.

Sonora is one of the states that consolidates commercial ties between Mexico and the United States. Its main activity is commerce, which makes its contribution to GDP of 3.4%. Due to its extension (9.1% of the national territory), it also stands out in agriculture, livestock and fishing.

For its part, in Baja California, the main economic activities are the manufacturing industry, the hotel industry, tourism, agricultural production, livestock and fishing. All this makes its contribution to the national GDP is 3.5%.

Sinaloa is the most important agricultural state in the country, known as the “granary of Mexico” and its contribution to GDP is around 2.2%. Its extension represents 2.9% of the national territory and occupies the seventh place in the Competitiveness Ranking carried out by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO).

FMdC seeks regional integration through the proposals of its business, social and environmental leaders, committed to economic, human and environmental development, to create prosperous futures for the Sea of ​​Cortez.

On this occasion, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya considered that the most convenient thing is for said cruise company to be private, without the participation of state governments, to encourage the participation of businessmen, while the task of governments will be to provide facilities. to realize this ambitious interstate tourism project.

“With regard to the cruise, I am in favor of even being private because it is very difficult for five states to agree to make a parastatal, and even more if we mess with the private ones and make a combination that makes it difficult. I have the idea that this cruise should be a private company, a group of investors, “he said.

Sea of ​​Cortez

You also know the Sea of ​​Cortez geographically as the Gulf of California, it has a length of 1,126 kilometers and a width of approximately 241 kilometers, at its northern end is the mouth of the Colorado River, while the southern area still reaches Nayarit, however, the International Hydrographic Organization limits it to Barras de Piaxtla in Sinaloa.

On July 15, 2005, the islands of the Gulf of California were declared a World Heritage Site in their category of natural assets and Natural Protected Areas.

The area has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists from the region and internationally, as it integrates unique rock formations.

In addition, due to the presence of different types of whales that can be found, such as the humpback whale, the gray whale and the blue whale, as well as dozens of migratory birds and we do not forget, it is the home of the vaquita porpoise. .

The idea is to project and develop brand governance in the region and its denomination of origin and to assemble a group of business leaders willing and committed to these objectives since it is known that the Sea of ​​Cortez is one of the most privileged areas of the country in natural resources.


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