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Learn why Mazatlán is the best destination in Mexico to Live, Work and Invest

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

  • US$180M,IED ENE-JUN 2021
  • US$6,984M,IED ENE-1999 A JUN-2021

In the period January to June 2021, FDI in Sinaloa reached US $ 180M, distributed in new investments (US $ 104M), reinvestment of profits (US $ 77.5M) and intercompany accounts (-US $ 1.35M).

From January 1999 to June 2021, Sinaloa accumulated a total of US $ 6,984M in FDI, distributed in new investments (US $ 2,583M), intercompany accounts (US $ 2,394M) and reinvestment of profits (US $ 2,007M).

Origin Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)


Main investor country Jan-1999 to Jun-2021:


From January to June 2021, the main countries of origin of FDI in Sinaloa were the United States (US $ 115M), Spain (US $ 27.8M) and Canada (US $ 15.2M).

Between January 1999 and June 2021, the countries that have contributed the most to FDI are Canada (US $ 3,238M), the United States (US $ 2,198M) and Spain (US $ 903M).

Foreign immigration

The map shows the countries of origin of migrants to Mazatlán in recent years. The bar chart shows the main causes of migration.

The largest number of migrants who entered Mazatlán in the last 5 years came from the United States (1.09k people), Cuba (136 people) and Canada (70 people).

The main causes of migration to Mazatlán in recent years were family (581 people), housing (235 people) and economic (136 people).

Higher education


Top men’s area (Bachelor’s degrees – 2020):


The areas with the highest number of men enrolled in bachelor’s degrees were Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction (3,496), Administration and Business (2,649) and Social Sciences and Law (2,044). Similarly, the areas of study that concentrated the most women enrolled in bachelor’s degrees were Administration and Business (3,298), Social Sciences and Law (3,260) and Health Sciences (3,039).

It is possible to review this distribution in other years and different areas of study by changing the options selected in the upper buttons.

Higher education enrollment by institution and careers

In Mazatlán, the institutions that concentrated the highest number of students in 2020 were Universidad Autónoma De Sinaloa (14.7k), Universidad Politécnica De Sinaloa (3.76k) and Universidad Autónoma De Occidente (1.9k).

The same year, the degrees most in demand in Mazatlán were a Bachelor of Law (2.45k), a Bachelor of Public Accounting (1.82k) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (1.7k).

Health options and coverage

In Mazatlán, the most used health care options in 2020 were IMSS (Social Security) (215k), Another place (95.8k) and Pharmacy Clinic (59.4k).

In the same year, the social insurances that grouped the largest number of people were Seguro Popular or for a New Generation (XXI Century) (273k) and Unspecified (85.6k).

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The real estate boom in Mazatlán continues despite the pandemic

For 2021 there are 40 vertical developments planned, located in the tourist strip of the municipality in Sinaloa.

Mazatlan Sinaloa

The pandemic encouraged the construction and commercialization of real estate throughout the country, mainly housing, offices and retail, but there were exceptions.

Such is the case of Mazatlán, which despite the health contingency and economic crisis, continued with a boom in the development of vertical complexes.

In the last two years, the municipality of Sinaloa, captured 29,476 million pesos in private investment, driven mainly by the tourism sector and the industrial parks sector.

This first also pushed the construction of apartments and hotels, for which 18,238.5 million pesos were invested in 98 projects from November 2018 to December 2020, according to data from the municipality.

“The areas of greatest demand are the condominiums that are along the tourist strip, everyone wants to be facing the sea, but if their possibilities do not allow them, they go one to two or three blocks from the Malecón”, explained Cristina Velarde Tirado, counselor of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).

And she stressed that, although it is estimated that the pre-sale apartments will be placed in 36 months, reality shows that they will be sold in 12 months.

Another indicator of the growth of this demarcation is the growth of cadastral keys. indicates Refugio Gastélum, delegate of Cadastre of southern Sinaloa. He explains that in 2015 there were 205,000 of these documents and by 2020 they grew to 240,000, that is, 20% more.

For 2021 it is estimated that growth will continue since at the moment there are at least 40 projects on the doorstep.

“The activity is very well taking advantage of this real estate boom, there are too many investments and it will go on for a long time, because there are many requests for land, for land use, since they are asking for roads in construction. Mainly in vertical constructions and on the other hand, they are daring to present subdivision projects, which take longer to land, “Carlos Venegas Arriola, vice president of the Mazatlán College of Civil Engineers, told the local media.

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