Are you looking for something healthy, ecological, and without chemicals? In the Organic Market of Mazatlán, you can find it


They will be installed every Saturday for the next 4 months, starting this November 13 and you will find everything from chicken to artisan bread, seasonal fruit and vegetables, from producers in the city but also from rural areas.

MAZATLÁN.- Are you tired of looking for foods free of fertilizers and chemicals that will cause problems in your health in the long run? Would you like a place to find all this without problems? We have good news for you, the Organic Market returns this Saturday for its 2021-2022 season, and we are sure that you will not leave there empty-handed. 

It consists of a space in the heart of Plazuela Zaragoza, where around 28 stores are installed and offer products precisely like the ones you are looking for, made in a natural and fresh way, products of the day to eat in a more ecological and healthy way, already accessible prices precisely to promote small producers and the region. 

Little by little and with the passage of these 11 editions it has regained popularity and strength, especially from the foreign community that every year comes to Mazatlan and spends a few months as residents, but always looking for more Mazatlecos to join and consume what people El Quelite, Barras de Piaxtla, the Meseta de Cacaxtla and even Nayarit has to offer. 

But, where did the idea of ​​the Organic Market come from?

Ángel Cevallos, assistant manager of the Organic Market, mentioned that the idea was born 11 years ago with Verónica Rico from Mazatlan and Janet Blaser from the United States, initially as a way to highlight the activity of the Historic Center, to seek that people visit its public spaces, in this case the Plazuela Zaragoza. Thus he was born with at least 10 merchants. 

“Their idea was to bring 100 percent organic products, but that they were from producers, rather than handicrafts, the idea was, how do we do to bring organic products to Mazatlán? And how do we make it the meeting point in Plazuela Zaragoza? ”, he commented. 

What are we going to find? 

If you walk through the market, you will find around 28 stores that will sell you proteins such as chicken, meat, eggs, they also sell dairy products such as milk and its derivatives; Seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, green beans, carrots, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, squash, jicama, avocados, bell peppers, chili peppers, mangoes, and bananas. 

Also spices such as coriander, parsley, basil, thyme, pumpkin flower, artisan bread and snows, microgreens flowers, that is, edibles, as well as kombucha and crafts, to complement. 

There is Candy Breakfast, which has breakfasts based on ingredients from the same market, and can be accompanied with a delicious coffee, from the local Rico’s Café. In editions prior to the pandemic, renowned chefs went to the market and with the same products presented and taught recipes that were prepared right there, however, they still do not know if there will be permitted or not to do so. 

“Many of the members of the market are not billionaires or rich people who can produce organically and in large quantities, so those who sell fruits and vegetables are people who do it out of necessity, who do it because they do not have money for their organic certificate, to buy fertilizers, pesticides, and they do it the old-fashioned or traditional way, “added Ángel. 

Plastic free 

One of the objectives of the market is the zero use of plastics, that each buyer comes to the square with their own containers and bags and, if not, paper or cardboard bags are used, in order to also raise awareness. With this initiative, they have been applying it for 3 years. 

Do you want to join and sell your products?

The Deputy Manager of the Organic Market pointed out that there is a process to join and be selected to be a member; The first step is to send a request to the email [email protected] where they specify what product they sell, how they produce it, what their production process is and even add photographs. 

They are sent an application that they have to fill out and it will be reviewed by the market committee, who will review the application. 

What are they based on?

  1. That what they sell is no longer sold by another member of the market, it has to be different so that there is no internal competition.
  2. The production process of the same is checked and reviewed to know if it really is ecological or organic.

“No member of the market sells the same, however, in case someone sells all their product that day before the closing time ends, another member can take the extra and sell it, but once the member who sells something officer no longer has ”, he commented.

The Organic Market, as you have already read, will start next Saturday, November 13, at Plazuela Zaragoza, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., with the idea of ​​being at least 5 months, until April 2022.


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