Warning: a new mode of theft in Sinaloa detected be alert!

Einbrecher dringt in ein Haus ein.

You must be very careful with the garbage you take out when the collection truck passes, since gangs of thieves check if among what you throw there are boxes of televisions, cell phones, computers, and even receipts to know how “good” your house is to rob.

Sinaloa.- Insecurity in the modality of home theft is gaining strength in Sinaloa; the cash flow for Christmas bonuses, pensions, and other support, as well as the purchases that families make to meet needs or “beautify” their houses, again promote an old way of operating for thieves, but which is emphasized during the last months of the year.

This is with strange people who pose as collectors of waste such as plastic or cardboard, but who, according to those affected, are nothing more than thieves who go around inspecting the garbage to see how “the house is good” to steal next. 

They stand out that they have been seen in colonies of Ahome, Culiacán, Guasave, Mazatlán, and Navolato and when they are detected and even faced, they lower their heads and leave quickly without giving explanations.

“They don’t say anything, hey, the other day they were opening the garbage bags that I took out because the garbage happens here on Wednesdays and Fridays; there was a lady with a man, and they didn’t look so badly dressed or very needy, the guy wore a ski mask and the woman a mask; It was about 7:00 in the afternoon before the truck passed by; I told them to leave my garbage that they were looking for and they left quickly, “said a resident of Los Mochis. 


He added that he faced them since they have been seen on his street for a few days, but last week the robbery of a house was reported from where they took a TV, cell phones and a computer that the family had just bought, and yes, the boxes had been left exposed outside their home for the collection truck to take away. 

“I asked them the other day if it was what they were looking for so they could put it together in a separate bag and put a legend on it that it was for them, but they left, here there were two gentlemen, but on the other street there were two. Girls with a baby in a stroller and a super cart collecting things; You couldn’t see what, but they weren’t plastic or aluminum cans, or cardboard, I do know that because they couldn’t be seen anywhere and they are bulky, ”said a neighbor from the Guadalupe neighborhood in Culiacán. 


For years the security authorities have asked the population to be very careful with the “temptations” that people leave in their garbage, since when observing television boxes, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, or others a little more small “but more tempting” like cell phones or computers, practically “invite” thieves to visit your home and leave them with nothing. 

These reports are in addition to those presented a week ago when residents of the city of Los Mochis, alerted groups of supposed Home Depot promoters who went house to house offering “a gift” in exchange for the children opening the door of the house and they will call their parents to offer them things at a very low cost and even without paying anything. 

supuestos promotores - Línea Directa
Home depot fraud

They detail that since last week these men have been observed walking the streets of the sector and that Home Depot promoters are said to be promoting energy-saving light bulbs, for which they knock, look out of doors and windows, and stay for a long time observing who comes out. 

They mention that this situation concerned them since on other occasions and prior to robberies or attacks on people, the same movement of strangers has been seen in the sector, so they have organized to maintain security supported by the violent surveillance of some homes. 

So if you plan to buy something for your home or for your personal use, avoid leaving these temptations to thieves, better destroy the boxes, and avoid being another victim of criminals.

Locals and foreigners living in the port will be able to use the alert button available through the Mazatlán App, with this new functionality, will be able to send messages directly to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, which may be related to any type of crime that requires the immediate assistance of law enforcement bodies. security.

To use it, they explained, it is required that the mobile phone always have the GPS activated, so that, from the exact location where the panic button was pressed, the corresponding authorities arrive to provide assistance.

The average response of this service is about three minutes; In order to use this application, the user needs to verify that the mobile phone he is using belongs to him by means of a code that is sent via SMS.

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