Expat Dr. David Werner, his Life Next to the Poorest of Sinaloa (video)


* American self-taught doctor

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David Werner, a biologist by profession, but a doctor and doctor in practical life, was born in Ohio, USA, and is the author of countless books on working in communities, mainly in the mountains where there are no doctors. You have worked with families without financial resources to pay for the services of a doctor or hospital.

He was born with muscular atrophy, but as an adult in his career as a biologist and teacher, he led groups of students to live with nature. Thus, by chance in life, he arrived in Ajoya, ahead of Tayoltita, in the municipality of San Ignacio in Sinaloa, where one night he tested the human quality of Mexicans and Sinaloans by being assisted in a hut as if it were part of it. family.

Since then, his life gave a major change towards helping and supporting the poorest in Mexico and Sinaloa. It is also worth mentioning that for many years it had the financial help of the UN programs.

Today, at 87 and over 50, he continues to “give his life” to the poorest in Mexico and the world, since through international programs he has visited more than 70 countries. His books have been translated by the thousands into other languages.

In the interview, he acknowledges that he has founded numerous organizations or self-help groups in the marginalized communities of Sinaloa and Mexico.

Don David Werner says that he has done work in other countries, but that he became “fond of” the people of Sinaloa. Because of his profession, he could live as a rich man, but his gift of people and humanity is found in Mexico. Today he lives simply by written books.

He said that he is not in a hurry to die, but he wants to finish some work that he has pending. He confesses that he wishes to die painlessly and be buried or cremated in a humble funeral.

As a last message, he says that there should be programs that encourage the help of children for children and grow with that awareness; Perhaps in this way, we could have a more sustainable world with respect for nature and take care of climate change. To form more human people, he emphasized.

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