Mazatlan Mayor causes paralysis in the city on 1st city council meeting


Mazatlan’s City Council should not be at the “whim of the mayor”; It is unfortunate that this has happened, but there are decisions that must be made with the necessary information and it was not the case to approve or not the Secretary of the City Council, Treasurer and Senior Official, said the PAS councilor, América Carrasco in the interview.

In a heated extraordinary start of the Cabildo session, no agreement was reached and in an uncompromising attitude, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres decided to cancel it despite having a quorum and reading the order of the day.

The new official said that the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, did not respect the municipal Internal Regulations, he violated it by not giving us the right to speak in the extraordinary session this morning. He reiterated that in Cabildo decisions are made collegiate “and here we are peers; he is our municipal president and has executive functions, but at the moment we are in a council session ”.

sHe insisted that the decisions will be plural, attached to the Law; Mazatlán does not require council members who will approve everything without discussing and analyzing; Everything must be for the benefit of the community, not at the whims of a mayor, She stressed.

The mayor has to abide by what the law establishes, she said while denying that there is a fractured Cabildo; “There are no personal or political differences, the only thing we want is for the regulations to be complied with.”

América Carrasco said that they are not against the proposals of Mayor Benítez; 

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres warned that the closure of the councilors could put at risk the payment of suppliers, the purchase of medicines for the municipal Hospital, and in general, cause a paralysis in the city.

After the extraordinary session number 1 of the Cabildo was suspended by the Municipal President himself, claiming that there were not the necessary conditions to continue.

He said that they could stay this way for a month, but he announced that he will call an extraordinary session of the Cabildo again when there are conditions are right.

Questioned by the media, he reported that he could appoint interns for both the Secretary of the City Council, the Mayor’s Office, and the Treasurer, but the problem, especially in the Treasury, is that it would take a month to validate his signature.

“ Imagine two months without payments, it would be an economic paralysis. We will seek to reach an agreement, here there are no fractures, here there is conciliation, “he said.