Contaminated water? Concordia communities report mine spills


The complaint was made to the Civil Association Conselva Coasts and Communities, which urges the authorities to attack the problem immediately before causing health risks

MAZATLÁN.- The rural area is at risk, inhabitants of the communities of El Habal and Chupaderos, of Concordia, denounced the spillage of mining tailings in the Florido stream, which runs along the Pánuco river to the Baluarte, in the lower areas of Rosary beads.

This complaint was made before the Civil Association, Conselva Costas y Communities, since there is talk of a problem originating from hurricane “Pamela” and that can cause possible damage to health due to water contamination, affecting not only the consumption of the settlers but for all productive activities.

The executive director of Conselva, Sandra Guido Sánchez, mentioned that this type of heavy metals forms a layer of fine dust on the river bed, which at the end of the rainy season, can be blown away by the wind and spread over the water and community food, and can even be inhaled.

“When these metals reach the bloodstream they become a health problem, the most susceptible are the elderly and children and pregnant women … lead passes into the uterus and affect the development of the fetus, the same in lactation,” he declared.

Guido Sánchez pointed out that the action of the authorities is urgently needed, both at the federal, state, and municipal governments, since this call for help affects hundreds of inhabitants in the southern part of the state.

In addition, a specific strategy is required for the mine to take responsibility, clean these tailings and make correct disposal of them, together with improving its tailings discharge practices.

“That analyzes of the groundwater and the water taken by the inhabitants be made to ensure that they are drinking it or not contaminated and that they carry out strategies so that this is prevented, there are no prevention mechanisms or immediate and professional attention to address these spills” , said.

Guido Sánchez indicated that a strategy is necessary that includes training and equipment for the municipalities to be able to carry out immediate attention and for the mines to report this type of event to the authorities.


The Mazatlan Post