In Mazatlán there will be no more drainage works in 2021


Neighbors of the Constitución neighborhood have had a sewage leak for two months that Jumapam does not repair

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- At the corner of Privada de la Estrella and Tercera streets, in the Constitución neighborhood, neighbors report a sewer that has been overflowing for more than two months.

“With the sewage drainage, we have two months and Jumapam does not provide solutions, until January, because there is no budget, but if we pay for water every month, how can there not be?” questioned the owner of a grocery store located in that area.

The problem goes beyond a clogged sewer, the pipe is already broken and for this a larger and more expensive intervention is required, and supposedly due to lack of budget, the fault will not be able to be fixed until January of next year.

Another neighbor comments that the pipeline has been in service for between 20 and 30 years, without ever giving any maintenance.

“The drainage has months, they have come to fix but they say that the pipe is broken and they have to open everything and they say they have no money, that until January. The government does not want to spend money, but if they charge punctually and if you do not pay you they cut off the water, “he commented.

Don Gamaliel expresses that it is no longer possible to eat at ease, due to the plague, in addition to the fact that all these residues are the source of infections and diseases.

“They don’t want to fix it because there are no tubes of that size and they don’t want to spend right now, as they are already leaving. When we are having breakfast we have to close everything, at noon the same, because of the plague, it is terrible, it is pure disease”, he expressed.

The waste stream runs down Vicente Suárez street, crosses an alley to go to De la Puntilla street.


Neighbors also pointed out that on Calle Privada de la Estrella, between Tercera and Cuarta, there is a lamp that has not been turned on for more than a month and they have not come to repair it.

Previously, they mentioned, they had had problems with the luminaires in February, and only in September, they repaired them.


The Mazatlan Post