Mazatlan’s Gabriel Leyva ave remodel leaves trees without space


At least 10 were left with the perimeter cemented, that is, no space was left for the uptake of water from the roots

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Asphyxiated, with the perimeter cemented and without the possibility of leaving space for water to enter in good quantities, there were at least 10 trees located on the sidewalks of the renovated Gabriel Leyva avenue in Mazatlán.

When making a tour of the road, just inaugurated last Friday, it was detected that in some trees there was no “planter” or free space to collect water; on the contrary, the base of his trunk was “drowned” in cement.

Two of them are on the sidewalk in front of the Military Barracks and others are on the sidewalk in the right lane towards Café El Marino, at different points between Puerto de Veracruz and Pemex streets 2. It is not known why not enough space was left.

David Ocampo Peraza, an environmentalist, pointed out that the Ecology department must clarify why the planter was not left, and demand its construction be repaired, and advocate for the care of the trees in the city.

On the other hand, Sandra Guido, director of Conselva, Coasts and Communities, indicated that depending on the species of the tree, it could be a problem, because there are specimens whose roots need space to grow and in the long run they will end up breaking the concrete.

Users on social networks pointed out that there are other details, such as the lack of installation of traffic lights, poorly made sidewalks, that the Juarez bridge was not included, that it was on a slope from the Emilio Barragán and that it was simply inaugurated without having been completely finished.

The final cost of the remodeling of Gabriel Leyva Avenue was 310 million pesos, when the initial investment that was handled was 233 million pesos.


The Mazatlan Post