Tourism rebounded throughout Sinaloa, but more so in Mazatlán, says Governor


“In the stage that touched us, we gave a great push to the state,” said Ordaz Coppel

MAZATLAN. – The last stop in his land, in his last event as Governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel highlighted that Sinaloa rebounded in tourism.

Ordaz Coppel attended the inauguration of Avenida Gabriel Leyva, a road of more than 3 kilometers that was remodeled from drainage and sewerage to lighting. Quirino was accompanied by his wife Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, as well as their children.

Es más que seguro visitar Mazatlán: Quirino

The president said that during his tenure, tourism was strongly promoted, and Mazatlán was the most benefited, since of the 100 percent of tourism that arrives in Sinaloa, 80 percent lands in the Pearl of the Pacific.

“Tourism is a fundamental activity for the Sinaloa economy that generates many jobs, perhaps only after agriculture, and that is an activity in addition to direct employment, but also indirect employment,” Ordaz Coppel said.

The governor mentioned that the change was seen from the first day of his administration, not only in Mazatlán but throughout the state, from the South, Center, and North.

At all times the growth in tourism was thought of, for example, the Aquarium, Del Mar Avenue, the Central Park, among other great works in Los Mochis, Culiacán.


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