Mazatlan’s real estate boom will continue for at least 10 more years


The real estate boom has caused a significant inventory to be generated to promote the Pearl of the Pacific

MAZATLÁN.- Vertical buildings are being observed more and more in the port of Mazatlán, which over time has managed to maintain a good rhythm in the real estate boom that not even the pandemic stopped, and growth is expected to continue for at least 10 years because the port continues to receive large investments. 

The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlán, AMPI, Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, indicated that it is necessary to continue working hand in hand with the authorities to maintain the growth of the port.

“Thanks to this real estate boom that Mazatlán has had, which is due a lot to the help of the Governor of the state and the municipality, the city has managed to show another face in its roads, as well as common areas, generating more confidence,” said Arellano Osorio. 

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

The head of AMPI said that in 2020, despite the pandemic, the real estate sector was not affected, because unlike in 2021 there was a rebound due to the large developments that exist, from Olas Altas, Avenida Del Mar, and even Cerritos.

“The growth in vertical housing is very important throughout Del Mar Avenue, the projects generate a new inventory for all of us who are dedicated to this real estate environment,” he said. 


The National Congress of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, and the president of AMPI in Mazatlán, Roberto Carlos Arrellano Osorio, indicated that they will seek the port of Mazatlán to host the next congress. . 

Arrellano Osorio commented that tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. an assembly will be held with the idea of ​​choosing the next venue and they will look for Mazatlán to be the host in October 2022.

“The truth is, I am very happy working hand in hand with the team in which the most important opinion is to take Congress to Mazatlán next year, in the month of October,” said Arrellano Osorio.

The procedure to be eligible is as follows: for every 10 members that you have, the right to one vote is given and the necessary votes are generated from each session to be eligible. 

In Mazatlán there are 76 members, there are already three votes plus a counselor and the president, taking a total of nine votes, out of a total of 260 members who will cast their vote.

He also said that they are happy for the outgoing administration, as well as the incoming one, and they trust that the work will continue in the same line in Mazatlán since the growth of the destination nobody stops it. 

The congress ends on October 29, and more than 700 real estate consultants are participating.

According to the Mazatlán City Council, the port has more than 40 billion pesos in private investment in 3 years, where the construction of towers has strongly stood out, such as Stelarhe, a tower that is projected as the tallest and most modern. of the port.

Hand in hand with real estate and tourism growth, the port is also rising in the industrial sector, where the USMCA is promoting large projects such as the Aerospace Park and the Mazatlan Logistic Center.