New wave of development in Mazatlan’s historic center projected


The construction of hotels, condominiums, and other businesses is contemplated

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Historic Center of Mazatlán takes a second life given since the municipal government currently gives many facilities to investors to carry out real estate projects in this area of ​​Mazatlán … although the guidelines of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) can be an obstacle.

For the director of Municipal Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, the mansions and houses in deterioration can still be rescued, remodeled, and put to use.

The area is one of the most visited by tourism. 

“ There was once a businessman who approached and said: ‘I am interested in buying that building, it is abandoned, can I make it a hotel?’ Of course, I said, of course, you can make it a hotel, the city is not represented There is no benefit in having that building abandoned there and if it represents a good opportunity for someone to arrive, restore it, improve the image and promote employment. Of course, you have all the support of the administration and the government so that you can carry out your project, ”said the municipal official.

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Estavillo Kelly recalled that the Historic Center had been detained for a long time, but now more support is required from INAH, because sometimes it takes a long time to authorize the project because among the requirements for Urban Development to obtain a license, is that it come with the okay from them.

” There are buildings that do not have anything historical and that already exist and they want to remodel them, and they run into a lot of time in that process, so those are the parts that we do need to correct so that the Historic Center continues,” said the Director of Municipal Planning.

Casa en Venta en Mazatlan en El Centro Histórico!, Provincia de Sinaloa -  Inmuebles24

He said the developer falls into despair because he has his own time to recoup the investment.

” But imagine that it takes 8 months or a year for them to give you an authorization for something so simple, you get desperate .”

Given this, Estavillo Kelly said that they are forcing meetings with the people of the INAH in order to reach agreements so that it is for the benefit of all.

The new projects will “lift” the area. 

” We agree that the Historic Center is beautiful and we want to protect the monuments, we all agree on that, however, I do not understand why sometimes the apathy of those who represent certain institutions to stop things under the pretext of the pandemic ”, He exemplified.

The municipal official reported that everyday requests for projects for the center come to his desk when they are farms that have nothing to do with history, when passing through those streets they will no longer be in poor condition because they improve the environment.

He stressed that for the businessmen who want to come to invest in the Historic Center, the municipal government will give them all the facilities, as long as they do things well.

Calles del Centro Histórico, Mazatlán, Sinaloa.


For Luis Terán Tirado, head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries (Sedectur), the Historic Center from next year will experience its second wind.

Currently, he stressed, the Historic Center represents the culture that exists in Mazatlán, which has a Theater for facilities for cultural activities, with an area of ​​important historical buildings, with an area of ​​50 first-rate restaurants, and is the area most visited in Mazatlán, especially for tourism with a good purchasing power and good taste for dinner and the cultural events that take place there.

He acknowledged that there was a time when the Historic Center was very attractive for the American retiree, but in recent times, due to excessive roughness and other things, investment in this area has been withdrawn.

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“ However, the Historic Center now brings about 8 condominium projects and boutique hotels that will open soon, which will make the Historic Center much more attractive, no longer for the retired who wants to live here because of the noise issue. , but for the people who come to rest in a temporary area and enjoy the restaurants and what this entails, such as the culture ”, explained Terán Tirado.

The head of Sedectur stressed that this second air that the Historic Center lives will be seen with the three boutique hotels that will start in that area in the short term, one of them, in front of the old Military Hospital, where a condominium tower is being opened, behind from the Fish Market; and another in Niños Héroes and Sixto Osuna, where it will be a three-story tower, which is what the INAH allows in the Historic Center, but respecting the original facades, in addition to other hotels in Olas Altas.

Investors are looking to buy the abandoned homes. 

He announced that with these hotels and condominiums, more restaurants of higher quality will be opened, starting next year. Not to mention that the Ministry of Tourism and other state agencies will move to the old Military Hospital, which will give more life to that area.

Antiguas casas del centro histórico, en el abandono mazatlan

It should be remembered that in 2017 and with an investment of more than 50 million pesos, 11 streets of the Historic Center of Mazatlán were remodeled, with which the place was beautified prior to the 2018 Tianguis Turístico.


50 restaurants are located in the Historic Center.

8 projects for condominiums and boutique hotels that are going to open soon.


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