I come to add and contribute to Mazatlán: Ricardo Velarde


As director of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, the businessman will seek to increase the level that the port already has as a tourist destination

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- ” I come to add and contribute, because we are moved by the same vision, that Mazatlán continues to do well,” said restaurant entrepreneur Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, after assuming the Ministry of Economic DevelopmentTourism and Fisheries (Sedectur ), replacing Luis Terán Tirado.

He indicated that as Mazatlecos they cannot simply be actors, so they have to join, so he called on all businessmen and Mazatlecos to join this new government with a vision of continuing to exalt Mazatlán, not only in the destinations that are they have, but to open new markets so that they know the port.

“Mazatlán no longer needs those critics, on the contrary, we need to be agents of change and promoters of destiny, we already did it within my business, we are in different states, where for us promoting Mazatlán was a day-to-day issue, now it is with another ‘cachucha’, with another function, that if it were not this Secretary, I think I can come to contribute and it is what moves me the most and at the end of the day, if Mazatlán goes well, everyone will do well. It is the first vision that unites us, we have a joint vision, that Mazatlán continues to grow, that it continues to promote and above all continue to raise the level of the destination, ” said the new municipal official.

He announced that he will soon announce the project of the first 100 days of this Secretariat, but for the moment, he announced that this year there are two more important events for the Sedectur, which is the Tourist Tianguis and the FITUR in Spain.

“The Tianguis Turístico is already in November and I will get to support and push the plan that already existed, and FITUR, it is in January, an event is coming in New York, we will go on November 2 and adapt … I already have work ”, he mentioned.

He informed that he will accompany Mayor Benítez Torres to attract investment since it is an issue that motivated him to enter this administration, since Mazatlán should not be locked in with the same market that it already has.

This November 2, they will travel to New York for a promotion meeting with 300 businessmen, the most important of that North American city, because they want to start opening the destination.

“One of the things that I asked him to do is to recover the issue of markets that we have lost, one of them is the college’s tours, which is undoubtedly a controversial issue, nowadays most of the retired foreigners who live here, the first time they visited us it was on college tours and they returned with their family, we need to bring the foreign, American and Canadian markets and I think that is one of the tasks that (the mayor) is entrusting me and we are going to go for them ”, affirmed the also, restaurant entrepreneur.

Velarde Cárdenas went to the Sedectur building to introduce himself to the employees and confirmed that Luis Terán Tirado remains in the team.

He ruled out changes immediately, but there will be dynamism and a push where you want to make things happen and give results with numbers because what is not measured cannot be improved.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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