Fans of Christian Nodal attend Mazatlan hurricane benefit concert at the Kraken stadium


The concert was for the benefit of the victims left by the hurricanes “Nora” and “Pamela” in their passage through Mazatlán

MAZATLÁN.- Shouting, fun, and dancing were the combination that resulted between the Sonoran singer Christian Nodal and the Mazatlan audience in his presentation at the El Kraken stadium, for the benefit of those affected by hurricane «Nora».

Anuncian concierto de Christian Nodal en Mazatlán - El Sol de Mazatlán |  Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Sinaloa y el Mundo

From very early, hundreds of people arrived at the sports complex to see the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” for the first time in the port.

With hair bands with the legend of “TEAMO NODAL” or with distinctive hats of the singer, the fans were present at 5:00 pm.

The young singer appeared at 10:00 pm, wearing a red coat that said “Nodeli” on his back.

“From the kisses that I gave you and Goodbye Love” were one of the songs that most moved the public, who sang the singer’s hits at the top of their lungs.

At the time, he took the opportunity to sing great covers such as “Y por amor”, by Pancho Barraza and “Se va dying mi alma”, by Marco Antonio Solís, among others.

And although it had a delay of two hours, the fans did not care, because witnessing it live and in Sinaloa was the best.

The concert also featured the presence and participation on the stage of the group “Los Plebes del Rancho y Ariel Camacho”, who together with Nodal made the Mazatlecos vibrate with their greatest hits.

Without being left behind as in other places where the artist has performed, the Mazatlecos also requested the presence of their sentimental partner and also a singer, Belinda, to sing the children’s song “sapito”.


The concert was held under the category “event with a cause” to raise funds to help the victims of hurricane “Nora and” Pamela.

The cost of the ticket was 300 pesos for the general zone, the only zone that was sold.


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