Petition launches on for Sinaloa to buy Doppler radars


A citizen launched the signature collection campaign with a message addressed to the governor-elect Rubén Rocha Moya and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

They collect signatures on for the government of Sinaloa to buy 3 Doppler radars.
They collect signatures on for the government of Sinaloa to buy 3 Doppler radars.

Sinaloa.- Through the platform, he started a movement to collect signatures with the aim that the citizens of Sinaloa support the petition of Dr. Juan Espinosa Luna that the government of Sinaloa buy three Doppler radars .

These tools are necessary to locate precipitation, calculate its trajectories and estimate its types (rain, snow, hail, etc.). In addition, three-dimensional data can be analyzed to extract the structure of storms and their trajectory and damage potential.

The echoes of precipitation and clear atmosphere from the Doppler radar allow estimating the direction and speed of the wind in the lower areas of the atmosphere.

The petition on was launched by César Daniel Pérez Cázares, with a letter addressed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the elected governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya.

The petition:

For years, Dr. Juan Espinosa Luna has kept the Sinaloan population informed about meteorological phenomena, helping us to feel safe and prevent disasters, with accurate forecasts despite the lack of adequate tools. 

The famous Doctor has insisted to the point of exhaustion that Sinaloa requires at least 3 Doppler Radars, with an approximate cost of 3million pesos each, to accurately determine the impact, magnitude, and water load contained in each meteorological phenomenon that affects our state. .

It is time that we together listen to the voice of Dr. Espinosa Luna, who has selflessly supported the Sinaloan society with his work. Let us together make the State Government and the Federal Government stop turning a deaf ear to this call and allocate public resources in the acquisition of these radars.

Dr. Rubén Rocha Moya and Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we would appreciate your supporting this initiative, acquiring tools that would allow our authorities and scientists such as Dr. Espinosa Luna, to better prevent the meteorological phenomena that year after year we have in our entity. 

Let’s help Dr. Espinosa help us!

As of Sunday night, almost 9,000 people had signed the petition to support this proposal.


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