Good times return to Mazatlán’s Isla de la Piedra this weekend


Despite being the low season, merchants and restaurateurs on the island see their pockets recovered with the rebound in trips on weekends

MAZATLÁN.- Little by little, economic activities return to what they were before the pandemic, as reported by the Isla de la Piedra boat cooperative, who say they are making up to 300 trips per day, only on weekends. 

Mónica Múñoz, head of the Playa Sur pier, mentioned that although it is low season, the trips do not stop, however, in a high season, they manage to increase up to 800 trips a day. 

“We are doing very well, little by little, after a time without people, right now it is low season, but even so, weekends for us is a party because from early on people want to spend the day,” he said. 

Santa, summer holidays and end of the year, the latter the most anticipated because in addition to national tourism, they receive foreign tourism, increasing mobility from Friday to Sunday, throughout the week.

“After Christmas there are many people, it is the dates that for us, Mazatlán has more people and crossing to Isla de la Piedra or Chivos Island became an obligatory stop, it is to get away a little from the noise of the cars. people like that ”, he added.

So far, he said, they have not contemplated raising the price of the tickets and they will remain at 30 pesos for a long period.


The Mazatlan Post