There will be no water for 12 hours in 50 colonies this Monday in Mazatlan


Jumapam will close valves to carry out interconnection maneuvers in the new supply networks

MAZATLÁN.- Around 50 neighborhoods and the city center will be affected in the drinking water service this Monday, October 18, since the Potable Water and Sewerage Board will close the valves of the Lock-Joint line, due to maneuvers that They will be carried out in the modernization works on Gabriel Leyva avenue.

The Jumapam reported through a statement that the closing of the valves will be made from 7:00 a.m. on Monday, and it is estimated that the maneuvers will last for more than 12 hours, time in which the service of drinking water in a large part of the city.

The works to be carried out include 12 simultaneous interconnections in the new supply networks from the Juarez pumping up to Zaragoza avenue, which have 8, 16, and 30-inch pipes.

The population is recommended to take precautions by making preserving water, since the works will last 12 hours, an estimated time.

The colonies that will be most affected are:

Benito Juárez, Toledo Corro, Sánchez Celis, Esperanza, Villa Galaxia, Pueblo Nuevo, Santa Elena, Villa Satélite, El Toreo, Anahuac, Villa Jaraco, Francisco Villa, Pino Suárez, Villas de Estero, Freedom of Expression, Jesús García, Ramón F Iturbe, Dorados, Constitución, November 20, Infonavit Playas, Morelos, Extension November 20, Journalists, Casa Hogar, Lico Velarde, Filarmónicos, Olímpica, Jacarandas, El Toro, Rubén Jaramillo, López Mateos and Lomas de Mazatlán.


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