Worrisome behavior in Mazatlan people ignoring covid protocols


Psychologist explains that people, not feeling fear, tend to neglect health measures

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The downward behavior in the Covid-19 epidemiological semaphore indicators led Sinaloa to turn green, but that does not mean that preventive measures should be relaxed, since it is known that after a period of relaxation it comes an increase in cases and a new wave of infections, as is happening in Mazatlán.

The port, for several days, stagnated in active cases, did not rise above 70, but neither did it fall below 60, until as of October 7 it showed an increase in infections, coupled with the low recovery of patients and today it remains with more than 90 assets.

The psychologist Luis Ángel Salinas Gudiño explained why people, seeing that the traffic light goes down to green, tend to relax sanitary measures, even when the recommendation of the authorities is that they do not do so.

He pointed out that fear is the first instinct that “jumps” in the face of danger, in this case, the pandemic, and it is what made the public see the red traffic light that the authority sent: high infections and high levels of death.

Fear, he explained, is a defense mechanism that has allowed the human being to survive great dangers over the years, therefore, when society is threatened, it activates its protection mechanisms; each person is different therefore each mechanism is also different, hence some will agree to comply with preventive measures in a good way and others who will accept reluctantly.

When the traffic light turns green, fear begins to drop and those who are more likely to not comply with health rules and regulations are those who only comply with them out of fear and not out of responsibility.

” Fear makes me act in defense that is why I comply with the protocols, but if in that period I do not assimilate, I do not understand and I do not learn that it is a community responsibility to abide by the norms and rules so that the rest is mitigated as soon as the red traffic light alert fear is going to begin to decrease, “he explained.

He added that there are a large number of people who still do not end up adapting or resisting change, since human beings do not like to be governed, they do not like to feel that they are commanding or imposing them; for many, he added, sanitary measures are an imposition and create a nuisance.

” There is a group of people who think that by being vaccinated they will no longer be infected and fear lessens. When fear disappears and responsibility has not developed, the situation we are seeing comes,” he added.

He indicated that the pandemic is seen as a social duel, since the freedom that was had before it was lost and not all people carry it in the best way, be it for social, economic or health reasons.

Although it is true that taking care of yourself and following the protocols is the responsibility of each person, if they relax it is also largely because the authority allows it, as can be seen in shops that stop applying sanitary filters, gauges or the mandatory use of mouth covers.

” For authority issues it is constancy, we cannot be on a roller coaster with health measures to contain the pandemic, they cannot relax, ” he said.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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