Maintenance works on bike lanes and pedestrian crossings in Mazatlán advance


Public Works reinforces patching work in critical points of the city, advancing in the painting of pedestrian crossings and bicycle lanes on the coastal avenue of the port

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The critical points of the city that register potholes in the city’s roads are covered with asphalt material, in addition to being used to give lines to the pedestrian crossings and also to renovate the bike path that runs parallel to the avenue of the Mar, assured José Daniel Tirado Zamudio.

The director of Public Works in Mazatlán explained that in the patching program they are currently working along the Insurgentes avenues, Mexican Army, Aquiles Serdán, as well as in the Jabalíes, San Joaquín, Villa Verde subdivisions, among others.

“There were around 70-80 reports, when we had been receiving in low 15 months, in strong months that were July and August we were between 30 and 40, now in September it practically doubled”.

Regarding the painting work of pedestrian crossings and bike lanes along Avenida Del Mar, Tirado Zamudio highlighted that progress is being made slowly, but positively, since the material that is being used in the works has withstood the sun and rain, so you will avoid the constant maintenance of this infrastructure. These works will last for the remainder of the month.

The Mazatlan Post