The inauguration of Mazatlan’s Gabriel Leyva avenue postponed until October 16


Two sections remain to remove the old pavement and then replace it with the new concrete

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Municipal authorities ruled out that it will be next October 11 when the remodeling of Gabriel Leyva avenue is finished, but it could be until the 16th when this work finally ends.

The director of Welfare and Social Development, Tonatiú Guerra Martínez, reported that two sections are needed to remove the old pavement, from Avenida Pino Suárez to the military zone on one side and replace some interconnections of the drinking water network.

“Between now and Thursday, you have the idea of ​​throwing away all the concrete, everything, in fact, today or tomorrow the first installed UFO lamps should be appearing and apart from all the rubble is already being removed to install what it is the park, the green areas, and apart from the Jumapam, on behalf of the president, he ordered and asked them to put an irrigation system, that corresponds to the Jumapam ”, explained the municipal official.

Guerra Martínez acknowledged that the work was delayed a few days, so it is expected to finish it as of October 16, not on the 11th as it was projected.

“ I don’t want to give exact dates, but by the 16th we must have everything ready because that’s where it will be, at any moment they will tell us if López Obrador comes, if he doesn’t come, Rocha opens it, Quirino opens it, the three, after the 16th, whoever can save himself is now, ”said the director of Social Welfare.


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