Municipal Institute of Culture presents the first official souvenirs of Mazatlán


The director, José Ángel Tostado Quevedo mentioned that the idea is that in addition to taking a souvenir, people know the history of the celebrations and places printed on each article

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Can you imagine being able to acquire an official product of the traditional events that take place in Mazatlán? Well, the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Arts started with an initiative of articles alluding to the Cultural Festival 2021, which takes place from this Friday, October 1, and ends on December 18.

José Ángel Tostado Quevedo announced that this project that started with this cultural festival, plans to diversify its offer and adapt so that they do not lose its validity, so that people, locals, or tourists have a memory of Carnival or the Spring Festival, for example .

The importance is that they know our roots, our history, our culture, in each of our products we are going to find out how we put the QR code on them as we did with the keychains so that they take them and know what we are talking about”

Municipal Institute of Culture presents the first official souvenirs of Mazatlán

“Mazatlán is full of culture, it is full of history, it is full of tourism, gastronomy, all that characterizes us as a largely cultural port.”

Municipal Institute of Culture presents the first official souvenirs of Mazatlán

The additional ingredient is that the articles will carry a QR code with the history of each celebration, the Angela Peralta Theater, the Plazuela Machado, or any other image that is represented in mugs, thermos, or key rings, the latter as the first article that has already engraved its name. code that directs them to the YouTube profile of CulturaMazatlanTV to learn the history of the recorded place through a video.

Municipal Institute of Culture presents the first official souvenirs of Mazatlán

The Angela Peralta Theater store is located at the entrance to the Rubio Gallery of this emblematic cultural venue and will be open during the day, as well as at night when there is an event of the Mazatlán 2021 Cultural Festival.

Presenta Instituto Municipal de Cultura primeros souvenirs oficiales de Mazatlán

Mazatlan Cultural Festival

It emerged in 1993 with a neat and attractive billboard that places it among the most important forums for the manifestation of artistic expressions. The quality of its programming gives it a preponderant place in the national sphere and distinguishes Mazatlán among the main cultural destinations in northwestern Mexico.

On its billboard, local, national and invited artists converge, whose performances dignify music, theater, dance, ballet, singing, literature, and the plastic arts.

Its programming is nourished by the experience of international artists and companies but allows the incursion of creators and virtuosos trained in the classrooms of the Municipal Arts Center of Mazatlán.

The FCM calendar runs throughout the months of October, November, and December and calls for a large audience that fills the Angela Peralta Theater, churches, squares, and outdoor spaces in the urban and rural areas of Mazatlán Municipality, Sinaloa.

Its objectives include the creation of new audiences for the appreciation of the performing arts and the dissemination of art and culture as a means to sensitize the population.

The incursion of world-renowned creators enriches the level of the Mazatlán Cultural Festival, which has become a joyous option for art and culture in northwestern Mexico. Its annual programming is expected by the local and national public, and by hundreds of foreign citizens residing in Mazatlán.

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