Sinaloa is on alert for vehicle theft, is your vehicle a target?


In Culiacán, 5.5 events are registered per day, while in the port of Mazatlán, the average figure is 1.6

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- With a daily average of 9.5 thefts of vehicles statewide, 5.5 in the city of Culiacan and Mazatlan 1.6, authorities Roads and Transport recommend extreme preventive measures during this holiday period and reduce risks of violent dispossession.

According to information published by the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions, the state of Sinaloa ranks second in the table with the most cases of violent dispossession, registering an incidence of 84.5%.

After acknowledging the upturn in cases, the head of Road Education of the Roads and Transportation Delegation, Roberto Jaime Rodríguez, pointed out that vehicle theft is a situation that is occurring at the state and local level, which requires not only operations and police action to counter them, but also of the participation of the population by applying preventive measures when parking or driving.

” The operation makes the authority aware and this inhibits the offender from walking in those areas, the presence of the authority is always good to help the citizen who is in a problem, but also the crime is inhibited with preventive measures,” he said. .

Among the recommendations, he highlighted the use of a cane or padlock on the steering wheel, installing alarm systems, driving with high windows, and, at night, parking in crowded places with lots of light, as well as not leaving valuable things in the car that attract attention.

He advised people who are transported by private car when leaving a shopping center, do so with the car keys in hand and when approaching the vehicle activate the alarm to deactivate the insurance and enter in the shortest possible time, so as not to allow strangers to surprise you.

“ It is important to be careful and not get to the car and then start looking for the key, with that you give the person who wants to surprise you the opportunity to come closer, if you carry the key in your hand, remotely you activate it and get on quickly You are already buying time for the person who wants to surprise you ”, he pointed out.

In Mazatlán 1.6 car thefts are recorded per day. 

Roberto Jaime pointed out that the car should never be parked in desolate places, but always in spaces where there are more people and it is better lit, since that increases security and reduces the risk of theft of the vehicle.

He commented that in Mazatlán, at one time there was a lot of increase in the theft of motorcycles, but that currently, cars are the most coveted vehicle for criminals.

According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions, the most stolen vehicles in the last year in the country are Nissan Versa, Nissan Pick Up NP300, Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan Tsuru, and Chevrolet Beat, Volkswagen Vento, Toyota Hilux Pick Up, Mazda, Volkswagen Nuevo Jetta, and Kia Rio.


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