Mazatlan demolishing illegal billboards


The Planning Directorate conducts a review throughout the city

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Municipal Planning Department does not rule out demolishing billboard advertisements whose owners do not attempt to legalize their situation.

The director Jorge Estavillo Kelly estimated that in the city there are more than a thousand billboards, where 5 percent are irregular, and of that 5 percent, demolition has been ordered.

” The owner has already approached to regularize his situation and if the structure is in a condition to continue, we will let it continue and it will be regularized and those who do not, with the penalty, must withdraw, ” said the municipal official.

“Yes we have suspended billboards, that is the order of the day. Right now, I estimate that to this date, there must be more than 500 billboards that we have suspended in the current administration, mainly because the term expires, “he explained.

He gave an example that there was a company that owned billboards that were reluctant to legalize, so they had to arrive at the painful need to give him an ultimatum that they were going to demolish or overthrow all the billboards that belonged to his company and that approached and regularized their situation.

He added that there were many spectacular ones in poor condition, in deterioration and that they represented a risk.

For Estavillo Kelly, the owners of spectacular ads are up to date with the payments, so those who miss the term are counted and are notified, but above all, so that they are up to date with the validity of the insurance that they are required to respond in case the structure falls.

He explained that every time a meteorological phenomenon approaches the municipality, they notify the owners of the billboards recommending that they remove the canvas, the canvas that the structure has so that they do not suffer any damage.


  • There are currently 1,000 billboards in Mazatlán.
  • 50 are illegal
  • 500 have been suspended by the current administration.


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