Sinaloa lawyers ask for military commanders to return to their barracks and return civilians to policing


The president of the Mexican Lawyers Alliance, Ricardo Beltrán, also points out that in the case of the prosecution, the recent reform does not apply to the current holder because the laws are not retroactive

Sinaloa.- As long as the current state prosecutor, Juan José Ríos Estavillo does not resign, the recent reform to the law of the State Attorney General’s Office cannot be applied, said the president of the Mexican Alliance of Lawyers Associations, Ricardo Beltrán Verduzco.

” Knowing the period for which the current prosecutor was elected, we cannot make the demonstration, especially if we can demonstrate in favor of a colleague of ours, obviously entering the Secretary of Public Security,” he stated.

Likewise, the leader of the organization of lawyers, said that in the case of the new security cabinet they should leave from the citizens and no longer from the military who must return to their barracks.

He pointed out that once the new state administration begins, they expect to be taken into account for, from the bar associations, to launch proposals from people with proven good repute.

From the outset, he said, there are already two interested in public security, who is José Luis Polo Palafox and Óscar Fidel González Mendívil.


The Mazatlan Post