630 liters of water out of every thousand that Jumapag produces is wasted


They have lacked a strong hand in the Board, accused Ceapas, stratospheric salaries, water that is wasted through old pipes and lack of micro measurement, the causes

Guasave, Sinaloa.- A hard man is what has been lacking in the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Guasave, said Ramón Gutiérrez, executive member of Ceapas.

In front of the mayor of Guasave Aurelia Leal López, the head of the Water Boards in Sinaloa, stressed that there are several situations that have caused the situation of chaos that the body has, and one of them is that it only charges 38 percent of what it produces, the rest, practically goes “down the drain.”

“A very very high percentage of waste, for every thousand liters of water that the Board is producing, it is only recovering 38 percent with income, that is, 630 liters of what we produce are being thrown away and we are not obtaining any recovery, we are dragging the Board into a chaotic situation; It has been difficult because we have not wanted to enter it, we have not wanted to take the difficult step for it, we have not had a firm hand ”, he assured. 

He revealed that it is at this time of transition where the foundations can be laid to improve the operation of the agency, taking advantage of the transition of the Municipal Government, because if before they did not dare to assume the costs for the micro measurement, which is barely 20 percent, it is time that they already do it.

He also stressed that the Board’s user registry was not even updated, there are cases in which several homes are supplied from one outlet, or worse still, outlets that were registered as domestic and are for commercial use.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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