Sinaloa is close to exceeding 70 thousand infections


Yesterday two young people died of Covid-19 in Culiacán, one 22 and the other 23 years old

Culiacán, Sinaloa .- On day 562 of the first case detected by Covid-19 in Sinaloa, 69,966 confirmed cases were added, which means that for this Sunday’s cutoff, Sinaloa will have exceeded 70,000 infected Sinaloans.

Although in the last month the third wave of infections ‘relaxed’, the deaths continue to remain; In the cutoff of September 11, the Ministry of Health registered 30 deaths on the platform.

The patients belonged 10 to Culiacán, 4 Escuinapa, 4 from Ahome, 3 from Navolato, 2 from El Fuerte, as for Mazatlán, Elota, Cosalá, El Rosario, Mocorito, Salvador Alvarado and Guasave, only one death was recorded.

Covid-19 continues to affect the youngest, because according to data from the Secretariat, a 22-year-old with obesity and another 23 with hypertension died, both from the municipality of Culiacán.

According to the data administered by the Ministry of Health, in the last hours 99 new cases were registered.

In total there are 921 active cases throughout the state, of these, the majority are concentrated in Ahome with 276, 173 are from Culiacán and 169 from Guasave.

Active cases by municipality 921: Ahome 276, Culiacán 173, Guasave 169, Mazatlán 67, Elota 37, Salvador Alvarado 32, Cosalá 31, Navolato 34, El Fuerte 28, Sinaloa municipality 23, Angostura 11, Escuinapa 10, Badiraguato 7, El Rosario 6, Choix 6, Mocorito 4, Concordia 0, San Ignacio 0.

The Ministry of Health reported that there is 83 percent availability of covid beds in Sinaloa.


The Mazatlan Post