Traffic lights fail throughout Mazatlan


Some traffic lights with lights out or out of service are located on busy avenues

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In different cruises city, drivers and pedestrians reported constant failures in devices for traffic control. Some traffic lights are out of order, while others are simply out of order.

Roberto, a taxi driver by trade, mentioned that the traffic light on Benito Juárez and Ángel Flores streets, in the heart of the city, has not worked for months.

He considers that in this area it is very necessary, due to the large influx of pedestrians, both locals and tourists.

“That has not worked for months before it was only with preventive light, but not even that. This cruise is very busy for pedestrians, for the elderly, tourists, those who walk,” he mentioned.

José Luis also reports failures in the traffic lights of busy avenues, such as De las Américas in Juárez and in the Ejercito mexicano.

“There in Juarez, in the Americas and Independence, it often fails, also in the Insurgentes and Ejercito, one of the arrows to turn to the left does not turn on and the people do not move, it is chaos,” he reported.

Eduardo comments that there are many very old devices, hence they constantly fail, although he has also seen new traffic lights that are out of service.

“There are many throughout the city, because they are already old traffic lights, although there are also some new ones that are not working, who knows if they will turn them off on purpose. The one on the corner of the Pino Suárez market has been failing for days, right now nothing more turn on the orange light, for those who come for Melchor Ocampo “, he commented.

Failures were also reported in a “new” traffic light, near Valentino. The Department of Public Lighting is in charge of giving support to these indications, although its operation does not directly correspond to them, but to the state government.

“We have one in the tourist strip, that flat the technology that has the truth we do not handle it, we do not have the knowledge to be able to attend it”, recognized Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga, director of Public Services.

Following the passage of hurricane “Nora”, around 32 traffic lights were affected throughout the city; The official added that between three and four reports of failures in different cruise ships arrive at his dependency daily.

“We serve with the personnel we have, only when the rains come it is a little longer because they are damaged faster by humidity,” he added.

The person in charge of Roads and Transportation was sought to know the real impact that the city has, but could not provide the information due to lack of time.


After the passage of Hurricane “Nora” in Mazatlán, around 32 traffic lights were affected in various parts of the city.


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